Start a job with Telegram business in 2021

Start a business with Telegram 2

Start a job with Telegram business Have you ever considered expanding your job with Telegram business ? Telegram is a messaging app that attracted 50 million new users in just 24 hours. Many believe that the reason for this success was the combination of WhatsApp and Snapshot features. Telegram allows its users to communicate with … Read more

How to attract a real Telegram member?

buy real telegram member

Ways to attract a Telegram member  many features, the ability to send files in various formats and being free are some of the reasons why many Iranians still use these messengers despite filtering. Due to the popularity of Telegram, many businesses use this social network to introduce their products or services. If you are also … Read more

Telegram membership increase rules in 2021

Telegram membership increase rules

How many ways to Telegram membership increase ? Telegram membership increase has its own rules, which include several methods of membership increase. In summary and away from fake methods, we have 5 ways to Telegram membership increase : 1- Real members who are invited 2- Fake members with no activity and only to increase the number of members 3- … Read more