How to attract a real Telegram member?

How to attract a real Telegram member?

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Ways to attract a Telegram member 

many features, the ability to send files in various formats and being free are some of the reasons why many Iranians still use these messengers despite filtering. Due to the popularity of Telegram, many businesses use this social network to introduce their products or services. If you are also interested in using Telegram to sell products or introduce your brand, you can start a Telegram channel or group in it. Of course, having a channel will not only make you successful, but the number of real members who follow your channel or telegram group can help you increase your revenue. In this article, we intend to provide you with free methods for attracting real Telegram members from Zobika.


How to get a lot of real free Telegram members?

Members of telegram channels and groups are called members. Real members play an important role in telegram channels. If the number of real members of a store channel is high, it can be assumed to some extent that the amount of revenue that the channel manager earns through online sales is very high because real members, unlike fake members, can buy from Telegram channels and increase the number of post views. Or introduce your friends to your channel while fake members do not have any of these features and their only advantage is to increase the number of channel members.

Some ways to attract a real free telegram member are:

Generate compelling content ; The most important factor in attracting a real free telegram member

One of the most important factors that can help you attract a real free telegram member is paying attention to the content of the posts you publish on your channel. If your posts are interesting and readable; Be sure to introduce the real members of your channel to their friends, which can help you attract a real Telegram member.Free help a lot. Before launching a telegram channel, you must choose a suitable name and profile picture for your channel. Then start producing content according to the topic of the channel. Content production in Telegram channels can be in the form of text, photos or video. The texts you choose to publish on the channel should be concise and practical because most Telegram users are not interested in reading long texts. It is also a good idea to use a friendly and intimate tone to write your posts as this will make your members feel more intimate.


Telegram member / Buy telegram member

Photos and videos on Telegram channels are very important. High-quality videos and photos can be quickly shared with Telegram users, so take the time to take high-quality photos and videos. Another thing to keep in mind about producing content for Telegram; Personalize the posts you want to publish on your channel. You can do this by placing a logo on the photos or placing a channel ID below the posts. Personalizing your posts will help you to attract real free Telegram members because those who view your posts outside of your channel can easily find your channel by touching the link or searching for an ID.


Exchange is a form of free advertising for various channels. In this method, two channels that have the same number of real foreign or Iranian members, publish advertisements for each other’s channels and do not receive money from each other for publishing advertisements. If you want to make an exchange to attract a real free Telegram member; It is better to request exchanges with channels that have more than five thousand actual members, because exchanges with channels with less than five thousand members will be practically useless.

Also, channels that work in areas similar to your channel will be a better choice for exchanges because members of these types of channels are more likely to like the subject of your Telegram channel. Another thing to keep in mind about advertising is that over-publishing advertising posts may cause your actual channel members to drop because many Telegram users are not interested in seeing consecutive advertising posts so try not to over-advertise posts. Do not publish on your channel.

Advertise your channel on other social networks.

If you have recently launched a telegram channel but your activity history is longer on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; We suggest that you familiarize your followers with your Telegram channel by placing your channel link on other social media pages where you are active. This method is one of the best ways to attract a real Telegram member. The members you get this way are 100% real and interested in the topic of your channel, so if you have not already done so; It is better not to miss the opportunity and introduce your channel to them as soon as possible.

Keep the channel attractive to your members.

If you always publish duplicate posts on your channel, you will surely lose a lot of your real members. In addition to using different methods to attract real free Telegram members, you must also do something to maintain your current channel members. For example, it is better to survey the type of content that is published in the channel at different intervals.

By conducting a poll, you will convey the message to your members that they are important to you and that you would like to manage your Telegram channel according to their tastes . Another thing that can help you maintain real members is to use quality but low-volume images and videos because many people do not have access to high-speed Internet for a variety of reasons or do not want to spend a lot of their Internet time downloading photos and videos. With high volume. Fortunately, today there are various software and sites to reduce the volume of photos and videos that you can use to reduce the volume of posts you want to publish on your channel.

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