Buy Instagram Followers – Fast Delivery in 2021

buy instagram subscribers

Buy Instagram Followers We teach you how to increase and buy your Instagram followers. Instagram’s space for a business without good talent and good content is of little use. There are many pages that run their business only on Instagram and have no real-world activity, these pages are mostly high endowments, and one of the … Read more

Telegram membership increase rules in 2020

Telegram membership increase rules

Telegram membership increase has its own rules, which include several methods of membership increase. How many ways to increase membership? In summary and away from fake methods, we have 5 ways to increase membership in Telegram: 1- Real members who are invited 2- Fake members with no activity and only to increase the number of members 3- Advertising channel … Read more

New algorithm for increase Telegram audience in 2021

New algorithm for increase Telegram in 2021

New algorithm for increase Telegram Subscribers How to increase telegram members A New algorithm for increasing the audience of telegram channels is one of the constant concerns of business owners and channels. In this article, we will teach you the trick of increasing 10,000,000 Telegram members in 20 days. We are talking about Telegram member enhancement robots. … Read more

In which countries are Telegram blocked?

In which countries are Telegram blocked

According to Zobika , When Telegram was designed and launched by two Russian brothers, it has been used as one of the most popular messaging software in most countries of the world. But over time, the telegram gradually began to show its negative aspects to the world. As the root of many domestic, international and … Read more

User Drop Rate Control in Telegram in 2021

user drop rate control in telegram

Everything about User Drop Rate Control in Telegram   Fast members leaving control One of the issues these days telegram administrators have after purchasing telegram services is the percentage of members leaving the channel or group of telegrams. In general, there is no way for a telegram to get members out Even fake members have … Read more