The Top Twitter Updates You Need to Know in 2023

The Top Twitter Updates You Need to Know in 2023

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New Twitter Updates | 2023

New Twitter Updates in 2023

Twitter has made a number of updates in 2023, some of which are still in the testing phase. Do you want to learn about new Twitter updates? Here are some of the most notable changes:

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Increased word limit:

One of the Twitter updates in February 2023, Twitter increased the word limit per tweet from 280 to 4000 characters. This change was met with mixed reactions, with some users praising the ability to share more information in a single tweet, while others felt that it would make the platform more cluttered.



In April 2023, Twitter launched Notes, a new feature that allows users to publish longer-form content on the platform. Notes can be up to 2,500 words long and include images, videos, and GIFs.


Edit Tweet:

One of the Twitter updates in July 2022, Twitter announced that it would be rolling out an edit tweet feature. This feature has been in the testing phase since then, and it is not yet clear when it will be available to all users.



One of the Twitter updates in July 2023, Twitter launched Co-Tweets, a new feature that allows two users to collaborate on a single tweet. Co-Tweets are shared in both users’ timelines, and they appear to be a way for Twitter to compete with the likes of TikTok and Instagram, which have similar features.


Twitter Blue:

Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service that offers users a number of features, including ad-free browsing, the ability to customize the app’s interface, and early access to new features. In 2023, Twitter Blue has added a number of new features, including the ability to change the app’s icon, undo tweets, and access Notes before they are released to the public.

These are just a few of the updates that Twitter has made in 2023. It will be interesting to see what other changes the platform makes in the coming year.


Encrypted Direct Messages:

Twitter rolled out encrypted direct messages in February 2023. This means that DMs between two users are now end-to-end encrypted, meaning that only the sender and recipient can read them.



New Twitter Updates
New Twitter Updates | 2023


Lastest twitter updates

One of the Twitter updates in July 21, 2023, when the company announced that web users can now return to a timeline as per their choice by closing the “For You” or “Following” tabs. The feature will soon be available to iOS and Android users as well.

Account Verification:

Twitter is now requiring users to have a Twitter Blue subscription in order to get verified. This change went into effect on November 7, 2022.


Product Drops:

Twitter is testing a new feature called Product Drops that will allow users to be notified when a merchant tweets about an upcoming product launch. Users can then click on the merchant’s tweet to learn more about the product and be taken directly to a Product Details Page.

Two-way CoTweets:

Twitter launched two-way CoTweets in April 2023, a feature that allows two users to co-author a tweet. CoTweets will appear in the timelines of both users’ followers.


New Features for Advertisers:

Twitter announced a number of new features for advertisers in June 2023. These features include the ability to target ads based on interests, demographics, and even specific tweets.


The latest Twitter feature updates:

New Tweet View Count Display:

Twitter has updated the way that view counts are displayed on tweets. The new display shows the view count on the right side of the tweet, between the Like and Share icons. This change was made in response to user feedback, and it is expected to make it easier for users to see how many people have seen their tweets.

Ability to Return to a Timeline:

Twitter web users can now return to a timeline as per their choice by closing the “For You” or “Following” tabs. This feature will soon be available to iOS and Android users as well.


As it celebrates 15 years since the first tweet, Twitter continues to be an innovator in social media. It’s a rapid-fire source of news, jokes, viral trends, and so much more depending on who you follow and how you want to use the platform.

For marketers, it’s also one of many places to deliver top-notch customer service, and with the right strategy to increase Twitter engagement it can be a vital piece of the overall marketing puzzle.

As the social media landscape continues to change, Twitter adapts with the times and the requests of its users. There are new changes on the horizon, too, as we look at the updates and features that are being rolled out in 2021.


New Twitter Updates | 2023
New Twitter Updates | 2023


Twitter Updates 2023

Goodbye SMS accounts:

Have you noticed a significant drop in followers recently? If so, it’s probably because Twitter has decided to switch off millions of accounts linked to SMS services. In fact, popular Twitter accounts with a million or more followers may see a drop of 8-10% in their total audience due to the ax of SMS service.

One of the Twitter updates, In April, Twitter announced the vulnerabilities linked to SMS and have since decided to purge the accounts altogether. The privacy concern is linked to a method of swapping SIM cards and even the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, was hacked via an SMS-connected system.

SMS tweets are not commonly used by the majority of Twitter users, therefore the impact is expected to be minimal. However, the implications for users in developing countries may prove to be much larger as SMS service is far more prevalent in these regions.


Keep track of your comments:

Searching for old comments of Twitter can be, well, impossible. Luckily, the platform has recognized this downfall and has implemented a listing specifically for ‘Retweets with Comments’ – on iOS at least.

The newest listing feature no longer considers retweets with comments to be a unique tweet, which previously excluded comments from the total retweet count. Instead, listings now include two separate categories to make finding comments easier than ever before.

Furthermore, the additional retweets added to the total tweet count may boost many users’ engagement status. If you’re an Android user, don’t worry! This listing feature is being tested on Android devices as well and should be rolled out before the end of the year.


New and improved camera features:

If you’re an established Twitter user, you probably recall last year when the platform rolled out a larger image size and colorful caption panels for the platform’s native camera features. However, the 2019 update turned out to be a flop and Twitter is now withdrawing the previous changes and adding a few tweaks.

For example, users can now add up to four images captured via the native camera, and reply and retweet with photos and videos. Additionally, the large image size and colorful captions are gone as the company focuses its attention on Fleets (the Twitter Story feature)

Although the camera changes aren’t so much new as they are improved, Twitter users now have more options when tweeting photos, videos, or using gifs.


Limit who can reply:

Gone are the days of unsolicited replies on Twitter as users can now choose who has the ability to reply to their updates. The platform now offers users three different privacy settings for replies, which include ‘Everyone’ (standard Twitter, and the default setting), ‘Only people you follow’, or ‘Only people you mention’.

While the latter two settings will restrict those who can reply, it will not control others from being able to view, retweet, retweet with comment, and like these tweets. The latest addition to privacy control will give users greater control over unsolicited responses and encourage a more positive user experience.

However, the feature will also extend to brand accounts, meaning that companies may have the ability to deflect criticism on the platform. To avoid openly biased feedback, Twitter has flagged all tweets where replies have been restricted to provide further transparency over the control.


The 2023 Twitter Updates You Need to Know About


Read it before you tweet it

One of the Twitter updates in a bid to slow the spread of misinformation, the Twitter platform has introduced a new feature on Android that prompts users to open an article link before retweeting it. This encourages users to actually read the content before sharing it with others.

Many social media users get sucked into controversial headlines or provocative news coverage before even opening the link, often leading to heated and counterintuitive debates on the platform. To empower users to have informed discussions, Twitter is taking an extra step to promote reading content.


Tweet your voice with audio clips

Want to share a story? Audio tweet it. Need to ask your followers a question? Audio tweet it. Have a burning desire to share your singing voice? Audio tweet it. You can see where we’re going with this.

Twitter has just recently launched audio clips in Tweets for iOS, allowing users to share a 140-second voice recording on the platform. But don’t worry, if you need more time a new audio clip tweet starts automatically to create a thread once you’ve reached the time limit.

Users can use this feature to share an entire monologue or explain ideas in detail without the fear of being cut off. Although some worry that audio clips may open up a can of worms for trolls on the platform, many users are excited to share not only their thoughts but voice with Twitter.


Find more of what you love with lists

Twitter rolled out a list search, which provides more options for users to follow topics and discover new content. Users can even search for list recommendations by searching for a topic or title related to the content.

The list suggestions are comprised of accounts you follow, the things you and they tweet about, and the lists you are currently following. This way, users will be presented with relevant content while exploring what’s popular or trending.


New Twitter Update | 2023
New Twitter Update | 2023


Hold that tweet and add another

One of the Twitter updates, Users have long wanted an edit button for tweets, but for many reasons, including the implications of a politician going back and changing their stance, that won’t happen.

However, in February Twitter released a new feature allowing users to add tweets to preceding tweets. This tool encourages users to discuss complex topics and create longer threads.

Twitter announced that the addition of tweets is the closest they’ll get to allowing edits to be made to previous statements shared on the platform #accountability.


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