What is Difference Between Fake and Real Member?

What is Difference Between Fake and Real Member?

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What is the difference between a real member and a fake member in Telegram?

What is difference between fake and real member? As you all know, Telegram Messenger is one of the most popular computer and mobile applications today, with many features that make it rank higher than other messengers. One of these features, which is very popular among users, is the ability to create channels within the program. Today, there are many channels, and channels with many members can earn a lot of money in different ways.

Well, maybe many of your users have heard the names of fake members. Fake members are accounts that the only reason for making them is to increase the number of channels, and these accounts have no value and do not visit the channel content. There are many ways to create fake members, but you may not be able to find them on the Internet because people who know them are reluctant to share them for free.

Many of you may need channels with real members in Telegram for things like advertising or channel buying and selling, but how do you know that these channels have real members? In this article, we will teach you that simple channels have members. Distinguish between fake and real.

To find out if the channel members are real, first look at the number of views per article. If this number is very different from the number of channel members, know that the members of this channel are fake. Pay attention to the date of each article. If the number of views is high, but the date is related to the past few days, it means that the channel owner has increased the number of views in different ways so that others do not realize that members are fake.

Increase Telegram Channel Members

It is better to get acquainted with the methods and type of Telegram members before anything else, so that you can have the highest and most correct members in your channel by recognizing the type of members.

Ways to guarantee guaranteed channel members

Undoubtedly, the best way to increase the members of a Telegram channel is to post good posts and principled advertisements on Telegram channels. But there are times when you want to quickly increase the number of members on your channel. In this case, there is no other way for you but to buy real Telegram members. There are two ways to increase channel members (real or fake).

Telegram optional member

The user voluntarily becomes a member of your channel. But how? There are several Android apps that have many users. After purchasing the real member, these apps send a request to their users’ phones and, while introducing your channel, ask them to join.

Dozens of thousands of people usually need to see your ad to attract 1,000 members. There are also many these people who become members of your channel, and leave after reviewing. So you can expect to see a lot of your latest posts.

Features of optional members

Members become members of your channel of their choice.
Membership increases are done through Android apps and the Telegram app.
A request is made to the user’s phone asking them to join.
Optional members usually interact more with your channel and visit it.
Usually the last posts on your channel are highly visited at first
Fall is the least of all methods. Because users have become members of your channel at will.
The members added to your channel are both real and interested in your channel.

Fake member

Fake members

If you only want to have many members and experience the least amount of downtime, the cheapest way for you is forged members. These fake members are created by virtual (unreal) numbers and are completely fake. So they have no activity on your channel.

The advantage of fake members is that they usually do not fall. Unless the Telegram system starts identifying them as inactive users and deleting them. Another thing to keep in mind is that fake members will never increase the number of visits to your posts, and this may reveal that they are unrealistic.

Fake member features

Added members are not real and do not interact.
Forged members are made up of virtual numbers.
Since the members are fake, your posts will not be viewed at all.
Fake members do not fall unless Telegram identifies them and starts deleting them. So in case of bad luck, you may have a big drop.

Buying fake members is good for those who just want to have a lot of members at first glance.
Not increasing the number of views of your channel posts can be a sign that smart audiences will notice fake members of your channel.
Buying fake members is the cheapest way to increase channel members.

The Number of Visits Per Post

We can boldly say that “the number of visits per post” on the Telegram channel is the most important and main factor in identifying members of a channel. The higher the number of views of a post, the more real and active the channel members are. Of course, don’t forget that the number of visits per post is always less than the number of members of a channel.

For example, a channel with 10,000 real members must not have 10,000 visitors! Because some members are not able to view a post for various reasons, there must be a drop in this. A reasonable and acceptable amount to visit a post is about one-third the number of channel members. If a channel is able to reach as many as one-third of its channel members in a matter of hours, it can be concluded that the number of channel members is real.

Equal number of visits per post

You can consider multiple posts in a week. If the number of visits per post is almost equal, it can be concluded that the number of channel members is real.

On the other hand, there are no channels with the number of fake members! Some of their posts are very unreasonable and some are very rare! This means that in order to achieve high traffic in one post, they have resorted to other methods that they have not been able to do in the next posts.

 Consider the number of posts in a day

If a channel is updated only once or twice a day, but the number of members is high, its members should be suspected! Because most Telegram users are looking for active and up-to-date channels, they will leave if a channel is not updated.

Astronomical increase of channel members

In some channels, we see that in one or two days, the number of its members has increased by several tens of thousands! It cannot be said that the members of such a channel are real.

Diagnostic tips for fake and real members

1. The virtual member does not crash. So if your channel is completely down after subscribing, members are likely to be offline.

2. If you don’t have a fake member yet, after registering in the members section, you will encounter accounts with generally unusual names that have been offline for a long time

3. f you send messages to offline members, they will not repl

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